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Filler Security Strategies, Inc.

Providing integrated global solutions for our clients.


Filler Security Strategies, Inc. is a homeland security and emergency preparedness consulting firm. We provide services and technical assistance to state and local governments, federal agencies, transit agencies, ports, Fortune 500 Companies and smaller technology firms on a wide array of topics including, domestic preparedness, grants management, marketing, strategic planning, intelligence programs and infrastructure protection. We do this through straightforward advice and counsel on how to find solutions in the homeland security area.

We have helped our public and private sector clients both large and small achieve their homeland security objectives. In that process, our firm has supported numerous states, urban areas, ports and mass transit agencies in their efforts to develop homeland security risk and capability assessments, strategic plans and programs, and follow-on grant investment justifications to implement those strategies. 

We have also assisted Fortune 500 companies and smaller technology and services firms in developing and augmenting products and services along with marketing and targeted sales strategies.  This includes sales force training, brochures, website content, understanding the homeland security grant process and structure, and working with local agencies to develop specific homeland security grant applications for those firms’ products and services.  

We operate based upon the fundamental principles of honesty, integrity and responsiveness in working with our clients. The risks posed in the 21st century require a level of coordination and integration at all levels of government, the private sector, academic and non-profit communities and with international partners. Filler Security Strategies works with all of these communities to reduce those risks and enhance security and allow for client growth.